2014 Hyperlite Marek

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The 2014 Hyperlite Marek

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical about the whole Hyperlite Systems package. So for those unfamiliar with System boots have an external chassis that you strap into. Think of more like snowboard boots than wakeboard bindings. This allows you to disconnect and snap in, in a hurry. We figured this would weigh down the boots quite a bit, and it did affect the dry weight. However, the Mareks came in actually lighter than both the Slingshot RAD and the Slingshot KTV boots when wet. However the Mareks and their laceup brothers the Processes both ended up being 2 of the stiffest boots in our test.

Now, Mareks also do come with a BOA tightening system. The long term durability of the BOA in salt water and sand is a bit up in the air, so as a sacrifice I’ll be making the Mareks my daily boots this coming season, just to see how long the BOA system lasts.

The Marek also has a heat moldable liner for a nice custom fit with integrated J-bars that are a bit smaller than those on the Liquid Force and Slingshot boots, but larger than the removable J-bars that come with Ronix boots.

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