2014 Liquid Force Synergy

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The 2014 Liquid Force Synergy

This is boot is actually marketed as a Kite boot by Liquid Force, and from their pricing model this seems to be their high end kite boot. However, this still is the 3rd cheapest boot we tested.

The Synergy has the same dual zone lace up- cinching system as the Ultra CT‘s we tested, however LF also decided to add an extra velcro strap up top.

The Synergy was also surprisingly stiff, even stiffer than the Ronix One‘s we tested and it also had a pretty middle of the pack weight. Like the Slingshot RAD, we consider this boot a great value choice.

Right now there are some Killer deals on the LF site on the old 2013 model Synergy.

Inward Flex (degrees)
Outward Flex (degrees)
Mass (dry, one boot) kilograms
Mass (wet, one boot) kilograms
Heat Moldable
Heel Hold Down
LF Ultra CT5.711.21.0421.365NoIntegrated (large)$349.99
LF Synergy4.36.81.0431.408NoIntegrated (large)$419.19
Hyperlite Marek3.66.91.2941.505YesIntegrated (med)$479.98
Hyperlite Process3.73.71.2971.508YesIntegrated (med)$459.98
Slingshot RAD4.85.91.0121.52NoIntegrated (large)$449
Slingshot KTV97.81.1791.522NoIntegrated (large)$399
Ronix One5.46.20.7941.112YesRemovable (small)$480
Ronix Frank15.313.60.8431.108YesIntegrated (small)$470