2014 Ronix Frank

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The 2014 Ronix Frank

Also known as the North Banana Boot. This boot is a bit more flexible than the Ronix One with a shorter comparable cuff. It was actually the most flexible boot we tested by a large margin. Surprisingly it’s a tad bit heavier dry but a tad bit lighter wet than the Ronix One. It even comes complete with fake water droplets, we kid you not.

The Franks come with a heat moldable liner for a nice custom fit and integrated J-bars on the smaller side.

Inward Flex (degrees)
Outward Flex (degrees)
Mass (dry, one boot) kilograms
Mass (wet, one boot) kilograms
Heat Moldable
Heel Hold Down
LF Ultra CT5.711.21.0421.365NoIntegrated (large)$349.99
LF Synergy4.36.81.0431.408NoIntegrated (large)$419.19
Hyperlite Marek3.66.91.2941.505YesIntegrated (med)$479.98
Hyperlite Process3.73.71.2971.508YesIntegrated (med)$459.98
Slingshot RAD4.85.91.0121.52NoIntegrated (large)$449
Slingshot KTV97.81.1791.522NoIntegrated (large)$399
Ronix One5.46.20.7941.112YesRemovable (small)$480
Ronix Frank15.313.60.8431.108YesIntegrated (small)$470