The Kite Scoop 2015 Closed Toed Boots Review.. Round 1

October 26, 2014

Article by Leo Chen

Photos on this page taken by Bryant Truong of The Urbaners


Man.. our title gets longer and longer every year. Why round 1? Because Ronix, Liquid Force, Airush, North and Humanoid have yet to come and I wanted to get some data out to you guys. I’m headed to Brazil soon, and there will be no boots tests out there. Not the kind that will get you nice numbers anyways.  Hop on down to the bottom if you just want to see the numbers in a sortable clickable table. We also put up a page for each boot with the relevant stats and detailed high res pictures.

So what’s different this year? We have more and more kite companies coming out with their own branded boots. Cabrinha and Airush have both stepped into the market. Sure they may or may not be built on existing wake chassis, but it’s still nice to see kite companies give the wakestyle crowd a bit more attention.

This year, we’ve also rebuilt our test rig. In 2015, we now give you front and rear flex as well. Thank you based universal joint. We’ve also moved the pivot point upwards a bit, which should be a better approximation of  where you ankle would actually flex.

In case you want to know what we’re testing and why, please check out last year’s rundown where we give a more detailed explanation. Unfortunately, because we rebuilt our test rig, you won’t be able to compare flex numbers from last year to this year. However, mass, dry and wet can be compared. Hopefully we wont’ lose/break our test rig for next year.

The Lineup for Round 1

Cabrinha (Cab was nice enough to send us the H3’s for free)


Hyperlite (Big shoutout to Hyperlite for sending us both pairs for free)

Slingshot (Mauricio, was nice enough to send out the boots for free)

Inward Flex (degrees)
Outward Flex (degrees)
Front Flex
Rear Flex
Mass (dry, one boot) kilograms
Mass (wet, one boot) kilograms
Heat Moldable
Heel Hold Down
Cabrinha H32830.855.110.30.8211.09NoIntegrated(large)$409.00
Hyperlite Process26.916.617.551.2371.403YesIntegrated(med)$488.00
Hyperlite A.J.32.426.330.871.2391.384YesIntegrated(med)$468.00
Slingshot KTV29.222.338.417.61.1411.485NoIntegrated(large)$399.00
Slingshot R.A.D.29.622.135.613.11.0931.421YesIntegrated(large)$449.00


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