2015 Cabrinha H3

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The 2015 Cabrinha H3

Well, if I gave out a “surprise of the year” award, the H3 would run away with it. I thought this would be a floppy pair of “boots.” I mean, Cabrinha markets it as a easy transition from straps.

After all the tests, even if it is meant to be an easy transition from straps, it’s a lightweight, solidly built, pair of boots. Yea, front flex is a bit floppy compared to everything else out there, we’ll cinch that up to the easy entry velcro straps they use. Overall, not they’re not the stiffest, but if you’re one of those guys that cares about weight, these things come in under a kilo dry. That’s pretty impressive. They’re the lightest boots we tested in Round 1, we’ll of course update this when we get more boots in, but comparing to the 2014 batch of boots, this would be #3 in terms of weight. However, this would cost $70-$80 less than the Ronix’s that beat it in that category.

Overall build quality looks solid too. Double stitching where it counts, it’s not like there’s shoe glue showing everywhere. Price wise, this is the second cheapest pair that we’ve tested in Round 1. We’d mark this down as a great budget option.

Not bad Cabrinha. We’d like to see more precise sizing next year. This year, they’ve gone with ranges of sizing, so unless you get lucky it’s not gonna fit perfect, but for the price, this is a really darn good set of boots. I can definitely see them fulfilling their role as a good transition from straps in the current state. They’re easy to get into, easy to get out of. But, the potential is there, if they stiffen them up a bit next year, to really make headway into a pair of boots that even experienced riders would enjoy.

Solid first effort for sure.


Inward Flex (degrees)
Outward Flex (degrees)
Front Flex
Rear Flex
Mass (dry, one boot) kilograms
Mass (wet, one boot) kilograms
Heat Moldable
Heel Hold Down
Cabrinha H32830.855.110.30.8211.09NoIntegrated(large)$409.00
Hyperlite Process26.916.617.551.2371.403YesIntegrated(med)$488.00
Hyperlite A.J.32.426.330.871.2391.384YesIntegrated(med)$468.00
Slingshot KTV29.222.338.417.61.1411.485NoIntegrated(large)$399.00
Slingshot R.A.D.29.622.135.613.11.0931.421YesIntegrated(large)$449.00